Imagine a life with

no boss,

no stress and

no financial worries...

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I was lucky…very lucky.

I remember the day when I said to my business partner “Hey Ryan – can I come as your guest to the mastermind you’re in?”

Ryan was paying over $20,000.00 a year to be part of this high level mastermind, so I was really hoping he’d say yes.

He told me he was thinking about pulling out and starting his own, and that if he did, I could most certainly come to his. It wasn’t a yes, but it was close enough.

Sure enough a few months later the first “War Room” began, and I was lucky enough to be a charter member…I’ve never looked back. Read More

Ok – first – what does that even mean? What IS a CSM? Does it mean you have to be worth a million dollars? Does it mean you have to make a million dollars a year? Does it mean you have to be born rich?

Well the answer is a resounding NO to all of the above. The good news is being a CSM is 100% achievable by anyone. And there is absolutely no link to having or even earning a million dollars.

In order to be a CSM you have to have a lifestyle of what I call Absolute Freedom. What’s that? Simple – it means you can work any WHERE you like any TIME you like.

It means you have no boss, no commute to work in rush hour traffic, typically no office (I really do work out of coffee shops every day!) and true location independence – meaning you can work from anywhere in the world you choose.

I know CSM’s who make millions of dollars a year, and I know CSM’s who make just enough to live this location independent lifestyle. Income has little to do with being a CSM – it’s all about freedom! Read More

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